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Monday 18/6: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 18/06/2018)

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Yrs 10-12 - Sirius College Career Development Expo registration information:

Student registrations open THIS AFTERNOON at 5pm. Details for the registration are as follows:

  1. A more detailed list of seminar presenters can be found by clicking here. We strongly recommend you have a read of the detailed information provided, as it will help you with making informed choices.

  2. There is a late addition for the list of seminar options available. The African Australian Student Organisation will now be offering a seminar option as well in Session 3, focusing on 'how to succeed after high school'. You can find an updated list of seminar options by clicking here.

  3. Mr. Scott will place the link for the student registrations into a SEQTA direqt message and send it to all Yrs 10-12 students at 5pm sharp this afternoon. It is being sent through SEQTA rather than via a specific News Feed post, as the News Feed eMail is sent out in 'batches' of 250, and with slight delays between each batch, so this would be unfair for those in the 3rd batch. Obviously, you will need to be logged into your SEQTA accounts to access this information.

  4. Mr. Scott will communicate with students via SEQTA Notices as registration proceeds if he sees trends in registrations, messages being sent to him etc. He will not have the time to answer all direqt messages, so please do not anticipate an individual response.

  5. Changes to session booking MAY be possible, but you must contact Mr. Scott directly NO EARLIER than Wednesday 20th via eMail: - click the eMail & fill in the blanks. Any requests sent tonight or tomorrow will be deleted, and any requests in any other form (SEQTA direqt message, face to face, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, sign language etc.) will be ignored.

  6. The registration form is a Google Form (see screenshots at the end of this News Fix), and Mr. Scott is using a new system behind the form that will hopefully not lead to the issues from last year for the 11s & 12s who can remember. None the less, WE URGE PATIENCE as there's only so many hits to a webpage that any site can take at once...if you're watching the World Cup through Optus Sport right now, you'll know what we're talking about...

  7. Given it is a Google Form, you will be able to access this via your mobile devices if necessary, so try that if you're not home.

  8. As sessions become fully subscribed, they will (in theory) disapperar from list of availabilities you see. As such, when you log on, you may not see all options available from the start. Therefore, we recommend you have a few options for each session in case your first preference (or second) isn't available when you get on.

  9. Please only register once. It will be unfair for you to take someone else's spot in a session if you register a second time - they may not be able to see the spots available. When the Career Dev. Department looks over the list of registrations, if we see any names more than once, all that person's session requests will be removed, and we will allocate them into sessions where there is still room. Essentially the day becomes a wasted opportunity. Bottom line, get the choice right first time, and please don't be selfish.

  10. Permission notes are starting to be sent out: IDC's permission notes are with parents now, and once MFC & KBC transport arrangements are confirmed, they will also be sent out.

Thursday 14/6: Career Dev. Daily News Fix (Posted: 14/06/2018)

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  1. New Uni of Melb Graduate Degree Packages: More information has been produced on the new 'Graduate Degree Packages' announced in yesterday's News Feed post. Their new Graduate Degree Packages bundle an undergraduate degree offer with an offer for a place in one of their specialised, professional entry graduate school programs. You can enrol into your desired undergraduate and graduate study pathway immediately after school - with the flexibility of withdrawing at any point if you want to. For example, if you leave school with an ATAR of 96.00 and above, you’ll be able to enrol in a Bachelor of Science/Master of Engineering pathway. Your Commonwealth Supported Place in the Master of Engineering is therefore secured. For more information on this new initiative, click here.

  2. My Career, My APS: This site has been developed to assist you to identify and follow a career path in the Australian Public Service. It can help you if you want to start a career, or build on your existing career. The public service - working in various branches of the government - has a wealth of opportunities, so for anyone curious about how to use their skills & passions to support Australia's continued prosperity (We're the only nation to have had 20+ years of uninterrupted economic growth...not even the USA can claim that!), this website will give you some ideas on how to do it. Click here to learn more.

  3. What do employers really want? Employability skills and personal values are the critical tools and traits you need to succeed in the workplace - and they are all elements that you can learn, cultivate, develop, and maintain over your lifetime. Numerous studies have identified these critical enterprise skills, sometimes referred to as "soft skills." The team at mycareermatch have distilled the skills from these many studies into this list of skills most frequently mentioned. They've also included examples describing each skill; you can adapt these examples for your resumes, cover letters, and interview talking points. Click here to have a read.

  4. Latitude Gap Year Voluntering Deadline: A reminder from Latitude Volunteering for anyone interested in a volunteering gap year, that their deadline for mid-year applications is tomorrow. If you're not in Yr12, but are interested in learning more, they will have a stand for you to talk further to them about what they can provide you. Go to their website to learn more.

Wednesday 13/6: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 13/06/2018)

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  1. Weekly Career Dev. Newsletter: Week 9's Career Dev Newsletter is now available from the Newsletters page on Reverting back to its 'normal' look, features this week include:

    1. Changes to the admission process for Australia National University

    2. The benefits of pursuing vocational education after school

    3. Biomedical Science work integrated learning at Australian Catholic University

    4. New content hub at Australian Catholic University

    5. International Business at Monash University

    6. Take a virtual tour of the Federation University campus at Ballarat

    7. Arts Scholars Program at Australian Catholic University

    8. Mathematics Bridging program at Swinburne University

    9. How to find local apprenticeship and traineeship centres

    10. Health Information Management - for students interested in health, IT and business

    11. Why the Bachelor of Arts is a great choice

    12. Bachelor of IT co-op scholarship application closing soon at University Technology Sydney

    13. Learn about economics using sport

    14. Explore wildlife conservation courses

    15. Have you considered studying international or national security studies?

    16. 5 jobs of the future you need to know

    17. Upcoming career events

  2. Yrs 10-12 - Career Development expo update: Please note that Stav Zandes from Monash University's School of Public Health is no longer able to attend our expo - personal reasons. As such, her seminar during session 3 will now be cancelled.

  3. University of Melbourne changes: Some big news coming out of the University of Melbourne today. More information will be shared when available from the university, but you can read more about these changes from today's article in The Age. In summary:

    1. Every Victorian school will have a $5,000 scholarship offered, based on standard academic results (ie. achieving the required ATAR or required Access melbourne ATAR is applicable), as well as on the recommendation of your Principal. This is known as the 'Melbourne Principal's Scholarship'.

    2. The university will now be offering 'Graduate Degree Packages', where at VTAC you will be able to select a undergraduate/graduate course combination straight away, something like Monash University's 'vertical degree' options (eg. Bachelor of Biomedicine/Doctor of Physiotherapy). Some packages will require the ATAR to enter, whilst others will require the ATAR to enter, and then maintaining a weighted average mark (WAM) of whatever is stated as necessity through your undergraduate course.

  4. Yrs 10-12: New Medical, Midwifery & Paramedicine resource: On the 'Student Downloads' page in your Student Secure Area of, you will find a new resource, listing a range of medical, Midwifery & Paramedicine courses available in Victoria as a part of the 2019 application process. It's sitting alongside all the other course resources we have available on there now for you - you'd be foolish not to look on there if there's something that speaks to the post-school direction you're considering! Agriculture/Agribusiness, Advertising, Allied Health, ICT/Computer Science, Journalism, Medical Radiation Services, Nursing/Midwifery/Paramedicine, Pharmacy, Public Relations & Sports Science/Sports Management: they're all in there!

Tuesday 12/6: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 12/06/2018)

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An early post today, as Mr. Scott will not be able to send this later today.

  1. Yrs 10-12 - Sirius College Career Development Expo: Some positive feedback from a number of campuses has already been received for the expo, which is pleasing to hear. Just a reminder about how it works:

    1. On the day, you have 3 sessions to pick.

    2. 1 of these 3 MUST be an expo session. So you could go 2 seminars & an expo session, 1 seminar & 2 expo sessions, or all 3 expo sessions (not recommended). Last year, we found that most students who spoke to us found 2 seminars & 1 expo session to be the most productive use for their time.

    3. The expo itself is happening throughout the duration of the day, so it doesn't matter if you pick the expo in session 1, session 2 or session 3. As long as you pick it for at least 1 of your 3 sessions.

    4. On Thursday, we will be publishing more information about the presenters, to give you more data about as many of the seminars presenters & exbo exhibitors as we can. This will help you with your decision making. We will publish this information on our website, and the link will be placed into the News Feed for the day.

    5. Remember, all seminar presenters & expo exhibitors are "subject to change": we can't control what happens in their worlds. We will keep you informed as we become informed ourselves.

  2. Yr10 - The Conoco Phillips Science Experience @ Federation University Ballarat: Spend three fascinating days (Mon July 2 - Wed July 4) exploring your passion for STEM under the expert guidance of FedUni scientists and students. Make new friends who share your love of all things scientific, find out about rewarding career opportunities and experience life on the beautiful Mount Helen campus. The program will engage, challenge and motivate you with state-of-the-art Labs, industry site visits, field trips, and research mini-lectures. Details of the Science Experience program change each year but whether it’s an activity in forensic chemistry, geospatial science, botany, robotics, engineering or computer graphics, you will use your knowledge, curiosity, ingenuity, team-work, communication and planning skills to think, act and explore the world as a STEM professional. What more could a young scientist want? For more information (small cost involved), click here; registrations close June 24.

  3. Explore Careers podcasts: Each week Explore Careers brings you discussions with some of Australia's leading & successful people, from across a vast range of organisations and industries - all with a focus on future career options for students. At this point, the longest chat is less than 20min, and there are a range of careers already explored: Agronomist, working with Jetstar, Livestock Manager, Liability Adjuster, Careers in Insurance and more! Search for 'Explore Careers' via your podcasting app, or click here to listen via your browser.

  4. Yrs 7-10 - Community service as important as ATAR for Year 12s in ANU overhaul: "The nation's highest-achieving year 12 students will no longer be guaranteed a spot at the Australian National University under a significant overhaul of its ATAR admissions process launching in 2020. In a new scheme designed to diversify the university's ranks, school leavers will be asked to meet a minimum threshold of community service and extra-curricular activity such as working part-time, playing sport or volunteering, on top of achieving the right ATAR for their degree." What does this mean? Well, if one of Australia's most presigious universities is saying that real-life experience & knowledge is just as important as academic ability, and one of our more local universities already does reward community service & volunterrism with reduced ATARs (La Trobe University's Aspire Program), this should be making it clear that you need to develop more than your academic skills!!! (Have you seen the evidence for this???Click here to read the article.

Monday 11/6: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 11/06/2018)

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Today's sole News Fix post is the schedule for the 2018 Sirius College Career Development Expo, taking place on Tuesday July 24 between 11am - 2pm at EMC for all Years 10-12 students. Some background information:

  • 3 sessions during the day: 11am - 11:40am, 11:50am - 12:30pm, 1:15pm - 1:55pm; lunch is between sessions 2 & 3.

  • All students must pick at least 1 session as an expo session. Students who do not select 1 expo session will be placed into one at the discresion of the Career Development Department, resulting in a loss of a seminar session.

  • Registrations for the event will open on Monday June 18 at 5pm; more details will be shared through the News Feed in the days leading up to the opening of registrations.

  • Final seminar bookings will only be confirmed when you receive your individual timetable for the event - registrations are our indicator, rather than your guarantee.

  • Students are advised to either bring lunch on the day, or bring money - EMC Yr12s will be operating a food stall during lunch, raising money for their 'Well Project'.

  • This week, Mr. Scott will begin the process of sending incursion (EMC) / excursion (MFC, IDC, KBC) permission notes out to parents. Please advise parents to keep an eye out for these.

To access the schedule for the day, please click here. Speak to Mr. Scott, Ms. Yucel, Mr. Mithat or Ms. Whitworth at any stage this week for further information on the options available to you.

Friday 8/6: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 08/06/2018)

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  1. Acacdemy of Interactive Technology upcoming events: The AIT have a heap of school holiday programs available for anyone interested in gaming, coding, programming etc. They all have a small cost attached, but for what you get to experience and immerse yourself in, the cost could very well be worth it, if you end up discovering something that you become passionate about in this space. More information is available on the Calendar of Events on on the Monday - Thursday of both weeks of the holidays for the following events:

    1. Become a Digital Artist

    2. Create VFX in Film

    3. Code your world

    4. Immersive Robotics

    5. Youtube Superstar

    6. 3D Character Creation - Humans or Monsters

    7. Gamers Unite: Game Design with Tinkercad and Unity

    8. Virtual Reality Experience

  2. Learning to Earning - Pathways to a Career in Animation: Are you contemplating signing up to a tertiary animation course? Are you wondering what a career in animation looks like? The Melb. Intl. Animation Festival's “Learning To Earning: Pathways To A Career in Animation on Saturday June 23 will offer up a valuable and diverse set of insights to help you navigate towards the training or career that is right for you. Short, focused presentations from professionals who have carved out their own niche in the animation landscape are interspersed with screenings of relevant films drawn from the overall MIAF line-up to help keep the energy levels high. If working in animation is where you are headed, this is where you find out how to start. For more information & to register (a small cost is involved), go to the Calendar of Events on

  3. Yrs 11 & 12 - 'A Day at Melbourne': A Day at Melbourne on Friday July 13 is your chance to explore your passions or find the pathway to your dream career via study at the University of Melbourne. You’ll be able to attend a range of taster lectures hosted by our inspiring academics, hone in on your core study areas of interest, experience all aspects of university life and have your questions answered about studying with us. University and faculty staff will be available on the day to answer individual questions, enabling you to prepare for your next steps to university. For more information & to register, go to the Calendar of Events on; register ASAP to have first shot at the taster seminars when they are released closer to the event.

  4. Yrs 10-12 - Sirius College Career Development Expo/Seminar listings: Another reminder that on Monday June 11 (Queen's Birthday Holiday), the News Feed's sole post will be our Expo's stall presenters & seminar presenters. Registrations will open the following Monday at 5pm. All exhibitors are 'subject to change' pending 'real world issues', but you'll notice that it's a little bigger this year than it was last year...

Wednesday 6/6: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 06/06/2018)

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  1. Weekly Career Dev. Newsletter: This week, the newsletter is taking a breather, and in its place is a list of upcoming events for June & July; they will complement the listings available on our Calendar of Events. You can find this publication on the Careers Newsletter page on siriuscollegecareers com; these events are from the following institutes/in the following areas:

    1. The Uni of Melb

    2. Monash Uni

    3. Charles Sturt Uni (NSW)

    4. Natural Health

    5. Journalism

    6. Hotel Management

    7. RMIT Design

    8. Deakin Uni

    9. ACU

    10. La Trobe Uni

    11. Careers at the Zoo

    12. SAE Creative Media Institute

    13. Coding

    14. Macleay College

  2. Yr12 - Tertiary Scholarships Toolkit: An excellent...EXCELLENT...resource is now availbale for you to download from the Student Downloads page inside your Student Secure Area of, going over the scholarship categories available to you in 4 steps: Federal Govt. assistance available (Youth Allowance, Student Start-Up Loan etc.), scholarships through VTAC, UAC etc., institution-based scholarships (all the Victorian university scholarships are listed on our website; click here), and other available scholarships. WELL WORTH A READ, especially given WELL OVER HALF of all scholarships are NOT based on academic results. It's FREE MONEY PEOPLE!!!

  3. How to become a Web Developer: Web Developers are basically the engineers and builders of the internet, they are programmers who create the code that governs the functionality of a website. Though they don’t typically design the look of a website, Web Developers are responsible for implementing the designs in a functional, user-friendly manner. To learn more about this career option, click here.

  4. Allied Health course resource: A new resource for anyone interested in career options in Allied Health is now available from the Student Downloads page inside your Student Secure Area of Options for courses in Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Optometry/Orthoptics, Clinical Audiology, Exercise Audiology, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Dentistry & Oral Health are listed, so this can be a very useful resource to start considering course options available in this fast-growing sector of the Health & Community Services industry, which is the fastest growing industry in the Australian Labour Market.

Please note that there will not be a News Fix posting tomorrow, as Mr. Scott is at Monash University all day

Tuesday 5/6: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 05/06/2018)

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  1. Uni of Melb Guides: The University of Melbourne has (finally!) published their undergraduate guides for 2019 students. You will find the following guides listed on the Tertiary Education Institute Guides page of (Fine Arts is still to be updated for 2019 entry):

    1. Undergraduate Prospectus 2019

    2. Graduate Prospectus 2019 (Grad. Cert., Grad Dip., Masters etc.)

    3. Agriculture 2019

    4. Arts 2019

    5. Biomedicine 2019

    6. Commerce 2019

    7. Design 2019

    8. Engineering 2019

    9. General Studies (Diploma) 2019

    10. Music 2019

    11. Oral Health 2019

    12. Science 2019

  2. Yr10 - Monash University 'Yr10 Discovery Day': Not sure about university study? Want to know how your interests and skills might link to different university courses? Come along to Year 10 Discovery Day on Tuesday July 4, and start exploring your future! Bring your curiosity, optimism and passion, and discover how you can make an impact to change the world. You'll enjoy fun and interactive sessions, as well as have the chance to speak to current students and staff about what it’s really like to study at Monash. For more information & to register, go to the event listing on the Calendar of Events on

  3. EMC, IDC & KBC female students - 'Future of work with EY': Interested in STEM? EY (Ernst & Young, one of the "Big Four" global accounting firms) are inviting female students from across Victoria to visit their head office in Melbourne on Monday July 2, to learn about what the future of work will look like. Register now, as positions are strictly limited - as this post is being typed, there are about 50 positions left. This opportunity is being spread to many schools in & around Victoria, so YOU MUST ACT FAST TO SECURE A SPOT. To do so, go to the event listing on the Calendar of Events on

  4. How to use your Engineering skills in any career: An Engineering degree doesn't necessarily mean you become an Engineer. Once again, the 'job for life' thinking is disproven, as Engineering skills are adaptable to many career options, and are not just leading you in a single career path. To read about a number of individuals who have used their Engineering backgrounds in ways that you may not expect, click here.

  5. Making the most of oppotunities, as shown on Instagram: Last night saw a major Iftar held in Melbourne, with representatives from Federal & State Parliament, business leaders, sporting club leaders, media personalities, and many, many more. It also saw the opportunity for 2 Sirius College students - 1 alumni & 1 current - to interact with guests, and display their talents to a wide audience. If you like/follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram you would already be aware of this, but for everyone's sake, take a look at what can happen when you make the most of an opportunity offered to you...many more are on their way soon with our Career Development Expo on the horizon for starters...


Monday 4/6: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 04/06/2018)

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  1. 15yr olds and up - Work Experience reminder: This is the LAST WEEK that we will accept any requests to undertake Work Experience placements during the Term 2 holidays. All W.E. information forms for any placements over the Term 2 holidays must be submitted by the end of school on Friday June 8. You can find this paperwork by clicking here.

  2. Learn to code: Code Launch is a free programming course for Australian school students supported by WiseTech Global, a multi-award winning global developer of cloud-based software solutions for the international and domestic logistics industries, based right here in Australia. Learn to use Python programming to change the world! Code Launch is open to students with no prior experience at programming, as well as more experienced coders. Every student who completes either the Beginners or Intermediate stream of Code Launch counts towards free BBC micro:bits for your campus. Code Launch teaches you to code in Python 3.6. Python is an easy to learn scripting language used for many different purposes such as web applications and scientific research - companies like Google, Facebook and Reddit all use Python in their infrastructure and web services. To participate (open until the end of September), click here.

  3. Yrs 9-12 - Meet the woman who calculates every NSW student's ATAR: Yes, this is a NSW article, but the basic premise remains the same, even if the terminology used is different (Vic: Study Score = NSW: 'Bands'; Vic: VCE = NSW: HSC). And, even in different states, the same message is said regarding scaling: "Forget about scaling. Just concentrate on doing your best, and concentrate on learning when you have the opportunity and the time to do so." - some important advice when sleecting VCE subjects. To read more, click here.

  4. MFC Yr10: A specific message to Year 10 students from MFC. An opportunity has emerged to take up to 10 of you to the University of Melbourne for a future-focused day, focusing on careers in Humanities-related areas (History, Geography, Legal Studies etc.), Commerce/Business/Accounting, Design, and Creative Arts. This is a fantastic opportunity if you are interested in any of these areas post-school to 'road test' your thinking, and give you more to consider in hopefully making constructive VCE subject choices; Mr. Scott will send you the schedule for the day via SEQTA messages tomorrow (Tuesday 5th June). To apply to attend, you must download the 'Career Development Excursion Application Form' from your Student Securea Area on (on the 'Student downloads page), fill it in & return to Mr. Mithat or Mr. Scott by FRIDAY JUNE 8. No applications will be accepted after this date.

  5. Yrs 10-12 - Sirius College Career Development Expo update: An update for you on our expo event in early Term 3 is below, with all information to be sent out in this News Feed. If you have friends who are not subscribed, please urge them to do so, as they will miss this information otherwise - we will not be using SEQTA messages for any expo correspondence:

    1. Monday June 11 (Queens B'Day Holiday): The News Feed for that day will be a single post, with the seminar schedule for the expo, as well as a list of confirmed expo presenters. You will have 1 week to consider your options, speak to the Career Development staff for more information etc.

    2. Monday June 18 (last week of school): Seminar registrations will open at 5pm that afternoon (unless otherwise stated). There may be similar delays to last year with many students attempting to log on at once - this is just the nature of it, and is still the fairest way to give all students the same opportunity.

Friday 1/6: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 01/06/2018)

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  1. Yrs 10-12 - UoM School of Government 'John Button School Prize': The Melbourne School of Government at the University of Melbourne is proud to announce the John Button School Prize for 2018. The Prize is a $2500 award for the best essay on a subject concerning Australia’s future. A further $2000 is given to the winning student's school. The essays might address topics such as Australia’s population, climate change, reconciliation with Indigenous Australians, water, asylum seekers, education, health or the state of the Arts.These topics are just a guide; the choice of subject is up to the student writer. The judges want to see clear thinking, enlivened by a sense of passion about Australia’s future. The winner will be announced during the Melbourne Writers Festival in August at the annual John Button Oration. For more information on this competition, click here.

  2. Yr12 - La Trobe Uni Aspire opens TODAY: La Trobe University's signature 'Aspire' program has now opened for 2018. Recognising community leadership, volunteerism and going 'above & beyond', LTU look to reward successful applicants with a lowering of the necessary ATAR to gain admission into all LTU degrees - some get lowered to 50! Other benefits also apply, including access to Aspire-only events, free access to VCE revsiion lectures and more. To learn about the lowered ATAR requirements, click here. To learn more about the program more broadly, click here. Applications close on August 31, with conditional offers made in mid-September.

  3. Allied health careers - Not just doctors and nurses: When we think of careers in health, many of us immediately think of doctors and nurses. After all, they’re the ones who keep us alive if we’re ever rushed to the hospital, right? While this is indeed the case, have you ever considered what happens after the initial emergency? Who helps get you back on your feet after a nasty accident or illness? The answer is allied health workers. Allied health professionals make up approximately 20% of Australia’s health workforce, and are comprised of a variety of occupations. These range from dietitians and psychologists to chiropractors and orthoptists. To learn about Allied Health - right in the middle of the fastest growing sector of the Australian Labour Market - and a range of professions within it, click here.

  4. How to become a fashion designer - careers in design: Fashion designers play a key creative role in styles and trends within the fashion industry by planning, creating and manufacturing garments for a variety of purposes. They oversee the idea for items of clothing from creative conception up to physical creation. They need to have an eye for style and be naturally creative. There are a range of different course types, fashion schools and methods for budding fashion designers to hone their skills and get a foothold into the industry. To learn more, click here.

Thursday 31/5: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 31/05/2018)

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  1.  Yrs 10-12 - Swinburne University Laws degree: Recent information sent out by Swinburne University worth sharing - "Here are 3 facts about Law at Swinburne University we (Swinburne Uni) think you should know:

    1.  "We're small: Typically, fewer than 100 students are admitted to Swinburne’s Bachelor of Laws each year. This means small class sizes and readily accessible academic staff. It’s not surprising, then, that Swinburne’s laws degree came out on top in the 2017 Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching results. Students surveyed ranked Swinburne’s Bachelor of Laws first among Victorian universities in student experience categories ‘teaching quality’ and ‘overall quality of educational experience’.

    2. "We're practical: Our students undertake at least three professional experience placements during their Bachelor of Laws. In addition, Swinburne law students are the only students in Victoria who are eligible to be admitted to legal practice on the day they graduate by completing a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice through Leo Cussen Centre for Law during the final year of their Bachelor of Laws. This dual award program provides the requisite training to practice law, cutting months off the time it takes to become a lawyer.

    3. "We're focused on the future: Swinburne offers a new approach to legal education: our courses emphasise creativity, innovation and commercial law. Our students learn about intellectual property law, including copyright, trade marks and patents, to prepare them for the legal profession of the future."

  2. Yr12 - Federation Uni Higher Achievers Award: FedUni's Inaugural High Achievers Awards were very successful for this year’s cohort. Scholarships were awarded to a broad range of 80+ and 90+ ATAR students across all areas of study, and they're looking forward to these students continuing with their great success at FedUni. FedUni anticipate that they will offer similar awards for 2019 entry. For more info, click here; in summary, the scholarships were;

    1. ATAR of 80+ - Ist year accommodation (approx. value $13,000)

    2. ATAR of 90+ - Ist year accommodation plus $5000 (approx value $18, 000)

    3. Dux (if less than ATAR of 80) – 1st year accommodation (approx. value $13,000)

  3. Yrs 10-12 - Victoria University's College of Business 'Innovation Challenge': VU's College of Business invites students interested in innovation, digital media, and coding to participate in the 'Innovation Challenge 2018' held on Sat June 30, Sun June 1, Sat July 7 & Sun July 8 (pick 1 of those dates). For the challenge, you attend a full day of free interactive MasterLabs, run by VU students and industry experts, in which you learn how to design, code and market digital stickers (used in mobile messaging) for the App Store. It is a competition, with the winner receiveing a prize to be awarded at VU's Open Day in August. For more information, and to register to attend & compete, go to the events listings on Calendar of Events on (P.S. Speaking of VU, if you follow any of our 3 social media channels, you would have seen the MAJOR announcement made yesterday afternoon by VU that was shared/retweeted/reposted on our channels, that directly affects all undergraduate degrees at the university from now on. Just saying...might be worth a like/follow...)


  4. Networking tips: In your everday lives, you are building and expanding your social circle or network, face to face or digitally. Right now, these are mainly friendships, but as you build your career, these expansions of your social circles may open up opportunities for you in ways you can't yet imagine - "it's now what you know, it's who you know" as the old saying goes. Want to improve in this area and form better connections? Read this article on "5 Emotionally Intelligent Things Within 5 Minutes Of Meeting Someone".

  5. The modern workforce: We share quite a few articles on the 'future world of work', but what about the here & now? What's the world of work like now? For many of you, what you understand may not necessarily be 100% accurate. Investing in people, the gig economy, and general change across the workforce are driving innovation & cultural shifts, and there's positives & negatives in all of these. The Good Universities Guide have shared their thoughts on these 3 areas; click here to have a read.  

Wednesday 30/5: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 30/05/2018)

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  1. Weekly Career Dev. Newsletter: Week 7's newsletter is available from the Newsletters page on, and it's a BIG ONE this week. Features this week include:

    1. Compare rankings between universities using the QILT website

    2. Health clinics at Victoria University

    3. Resource for VCE students - Ladder Up online English tutoring service, and free study guides and resources.

    4. Careers in agriculture, the environment and working with animals

    5. Have you considered studying hotel management?

    6. Courses at Australia National University (ANU)

    7. Take a virtual tour of the science labs and business buildings at ANU

    8. Courses at the Victorian College of the Arts

    9. Interested in veterinary nursing?

    10. Study at the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre, Brunswick.

    11. Pilot Aptitude Training Systems website

    12. Cybersecurity degrees at La Trobe University

    13. La Trobe Online - study university courses from home

    14. La Trobe University Aspire program - for students in Years 9 - 12

    15. Learn about Vocational Education and Training (VET)

    16. Teenflix Winter School, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne

    17. Journalism Workshop, Monash University 

    18. Deakin University Experience Days

    19. Upcoming Career Events

  2. Australians landed almost 1 million new jobs in five years — so what kind of jobs are they and is that a big deal? On average over the last 15 years, about 200,000 new jobs have been created each year. Multiply that by five and you've got 1 million. But there's a much more interesting story in what those jobs are and where they've been created. To learn more about this, click here.

  3. Yrs 9-11 - Alfred Health Work Experience: Work experience applications for 2019 will open around late November this year and will close in mid-December (the exact dates have not been set as yet) for the 3 hospitals that Alfred Health operate: The Alfred Hospital, Caulfield Hospital & Sandringham Hospital. All applications need to be completed on line via the Alfred Health website. A reply as to whether you are successful will be forwarded to you early in the new school year. Alfred Health usually receive in excess of 150 applications and are only able to offer places to a limited number of students. Placements are usually organised to occur from March / April to November and are for 1 week. For more information, go to the School listed Work Experience opportunities page on

  4. Signal Creative Arts studio: Passionate about the arts? Signal is a creative arts studio where young people aged 13 to 25 work alongside professional artists in a collaborative way. Located in the heart of the city, Signal is a place for making, showing, inspiring and developing Melbourne’s creative young talent in every medium. It's open to young people from all walks of life and ability. Design, dance, digital and visual art, fashion, painting, zines, storytelling and more are offered through Signal. Check out their 2018 programs by clicking here.


Tuesday 29/5: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 29/05/2018)

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  1. 15yr olds & up - Work Experience providers: To help students with attempting to uncover potential Work Experience placements, click here to have a look at the employers that we have had a working relationship with since 2017. This is no guarantee that these employers will offer a placement, but rather a potential resource to use in finding a host employer. On that note, a small window of opportunity for the Royal Melbourne Hospital has now opened for the Term 2 holidays. For more information on this opportunity (the window closes this Sunday, June 3) click here.

  2. Yr12 - Vic College of the Arts (UoM) Film & TV Short Course Information & Film Screening Night: Andrew Blogg, the VCA Film & TV non-award course convener, would like to invite you to a free short course information and film screening night. On this night you will have the opportunity to see the facilities and get a sense of what it is like to study Film & TV at the VCA in Southbank. School tours will commence at 6pm, where you’ll also get to ask any questions you have about film and TV short courses. The film screening will commence at 6.45pm. For more information, click here.

  3. What will the millenial law market look like? Thinking of a career as a laywer, or a broader career in the legal industry or working in a legal position in a range of industries? This article on the 5 big changes to the industry - diversity, multidiciplinary, pricing, choice & customisation - is something you should reflect on, as 1 or all of the se forces has the potential to dramatically alter what you do in the field. Click here to read.

  4. Yrs 10-12 - Sirius College Career Development Expo update: We're in the final stages of securing guests for our major event for the year on Tuesday July 24 at EMC, and in the next few weeks, we will publish how you register for seminars. For Yr10s, the day is similar to last year: General expo from 11am - 2pm (lunch around 12:30pm), and at the same time a series of seminars around various rooms at EMC. For everyone, registrations will again take place online for seminars like last year - there's no way to avoid the internet issues that occured last year when everyone logs on at once, so you'll need to be patient when attempting to register. More information will be made available as the event draws closer.

  5. New course resources: A handful of new resources have been added to the 'Student Downloads' page in your Student Secure Area on (see image below). These resources are in addition to what is already there, and give you information on a range of courses from the major universities (not just in Victoria either) in the following fields: 

    1. Agriculture & Agribusiness

    2. Advertising (new)

    3. ICT & Computer Science

    4. Journalism (new)

    5. Medical, Dental & Nursing (new)

    6. Medical Radiation (new)

    7. Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedicine

    8. Pharmacy (new)

    9. Public Relations (new)

    10. Sports Science & Management

Monday 28/5: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 28/05/2018)

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  1. New national tertiary education website name: The Australian Government's review on improving applying to tertiary education providers (ie. TAFE, uni, private providers etc.) recommended the development of a new national higher education admission information platform that would give prospective higher education students and their influencers (ie. Secondary school students, parents, career practitioners etc.) ready access to comprehensive, consistent and comparable information about course options, admission requirements, assessments and application pathways across all tertiary education providers. This means that there will be a new website which will allow you to view and compare course information at all higher education providers across Australia. Currently, the group building this website is looking for a name for the resource, and are asking for thoughts from all stakeholders, including secondary school students. If you're interested in offering thoughts to this conversation, click here.

  2. Monash University updates: A handful of opportunities from Monash University sent out late last week:

    1. Sign up to the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music’s monthly newsletter - Monash Uni invite all music buffs to sign up to the monthly Monash Music newsletter. You’ll learn about visiting artists, concerts, seminars, events, CD releases, course information, news and all things Monash Music. Click here to subscribe.

    2. Business Open House on Sunday August 12 - Students are invited to attend Monash Business School’s annual Open House. You'll get the chance to visit their city location and find out what it would be like to study in Melbourne CBD. You'll also have the opportunity to: learn more about Business and Commerce courses offered at their other campuses, find out about double degree options, meet current students and ask them about study abroad, internships and university life, and enjoy refreshments on the rooftop garden. For more information, go to the Calendar of Events on

    3. Accounting Week Case Competition - This case competition is designed for students studying VCE Unit 3 and 4 Accounting. It is designed to challenge, nurture and develop the best young business leaders and brightest minds of tomorrow. The event provides a great opportunity for you to showcase your talents in developing innovative, real-world business solutions or perspectives on related accounting issues through the provision of a challenging and exciting learning experience. For more information (cash prizes on offer), click here.

    4. Monash Uni campus tours during T2 & T3 holidays - Tours will be guided by a current Monash student, who will take you around the campus and show you some of the main facilities and buildings. Your tour guide will be able to answer questions about university life, the campus and talk generally about their course. Tours will run for approximately 1.5 hours, with an an opportunity after to see the on-campus accommodation at Clayton and Peninsula. To register (which you have to do to participate), click here.

  3. Defence Force Trade Careers Information session: Whether you're an experienced tradesperson or just starting out (you're obviously in this category), there is a career in the Australian Defence Force for you. Come along to an information session tomorrow, Tuesday, 29th May at 5:30pm at the Quality Hotel, Taylors Lakes and find out more. For more information, go to the Calendar of Events on

  4. Yr12 - UMAT closes this week: If you're looking at a B Medicine at Monash Uni, you must register to undertake UMAT, and registrations close this Friday at 5pm. If you register, please inform your relevant coordinator of your impending absence for this assessment. For information on UMAT, click here. Please note, we will not advertise/advocate for any private provider's UMAT training sessions - it is an assessment you cannot study for, and ACER (who operate the assessment) state that you do not need to undertake any of these sessions to succeed at UMAT; ACER provides resources to help you prepare.

Friday 25/5: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 25/05/2018)

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  1. Even more new subscribers: Welcome to the many Yr10s from EMC who also decided to subscribe to the News Feed today. Like your peers at MFC, IDC & KBC, you too have also taken up an opportunity to control & construct your future, by choosing to receive the information sent out each day - good on you! And we're nearly at 500 subscriptions, which is more than we expected at the start of the year, so the 4 of us in the Career Development Department are obviously very pleased with the uptake to this new service - spread the word to your peers who haven't yet taken up this opportunity!!! Might we suggest that all new(ish) subscribers look at the News Feed page on for the last 2 weeks' worth of News Fix posts - there's information you've missed by not being subscribed sooner that may be of interest to you - the webpage always displays the last 2 weeks worth of posts.

  2. Yrs 10-12 - Monash Uni Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences webinars: Monash Uni will be offering their online information sessions for our undergraduate courses on June 21 (Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Undergraduate Courses) and September 11 & 13 (11th: Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science Webinar; 13th: Bachelor of Pharmacy(Hons)/Master of Pharmacy). The webinars offer rare opportunities for you to tune in from home and hear from Monash Uni's course directors and current students, and have your questions answered. For more information on these 3 webinars, as well as details on how to register your e-attendance, go the Calendar of Events on

  3. Yrs 11 & 12 - RMIT 'Ready, Set, Design': Folio Bytes: Ready Set Design is a series of three workshops where you can learn about careers and tertiary programs in design, develop your folio, and practice your interview and presentation skills. Registrations are now open for workshop 2 (Folio Bytes), which will be held on Saturday 30 June at RMIT’s City campus. Folio Bytes gives you the chance to meet practising designers, and create a piece of work that you can include in your design folios. You will be able to speak to the designers (who also teach in RMIT design programs) about what makes a good folio, and get a valuable insight into the application process for design programs. You can choose one of five specialised workshop sessions: fashion and textiles, graphic design, architecture and building design, photography and visual art, and drawing for design. For more information and registration details, go the Calendar of Events on

  4. EMC, IDC & KBC Yrs 9-12 girls - 'GirledWorld' World of Work Expo scholarships: Across Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 June, RMIT’s City campus will ignite for one very big, transformational weekend of future facing, goal setting and career planning for girls (Years 9-12) to skill-build, problem solve and thrive in the future of work - we did advertise this event earlier this year. This year’s WOW Summit will bring together top speakers, industry experts and career mentors to explore the new world of work, future cities, emerging technologies and enterprise skill-building in education, and will connect Australian secondary school girls with the leaders of today and tomorrow to give you the skills, knowledge and confidence you'll need to make informed choices about their future career pathways. RMIT is offering 20 students from SNAP schools (Sirius College is one of them) a sponsored weekend ticket to this year’s event (valued at $159.95). Students must identify as female, and be in Years 9-12. Interested students should email with the following information:

    - Your full name
    - Your school (state your campus)
    - Your year level
    - Your mobile number
    - a confirmation that, should you be offered a place, you commit to attending both days of the event (Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 June, 9.30 am – 5.30 pm)
    - a short statement (approx. 100 words) detailing how and why this opportunity would benefit you.
    Initially, a maximum of two places will be awarded per school, and will be allocated to the first two students to apply. Additional places may be awarded depending on availability. Applications close Friday 1 June.

  5. Work Immersion opportunities = life success: Evidence doesn't lie. The more you immerse yourself in real-life/work opportunities as a young person, the more chance you'll have of avoiding being out of education, employment & training as an adult. This was proven in a UK study in 2014 - see below. So, what can you do to immerse yourself in the world of work? Well, also see below...

Thursday 24/5: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 24/05/2018)

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  1. More new subscribers: Welcome to the many Yr10s from MFC who took the opporutnity today to sign up for the Career Development News Feed; as a result, we're now close to 450 subscribers in total! You've all taken an opportunity to give yourself more knowledge & resources to support successful construction of your career potential: well done! For you, for the KBC students yesterday, and for any other subscribers new to the feed, here's some key pages on we suggest you use to get your career aspirations thinking underway/turbocharged:

    1. Career Targets (Under 'For Students'): Listing of hundreds of possible career pathways, grouped by 'school subject' areas.

    2. 'Post School Options' heading: Job information, university information, TAFE information, Labour Market Information - including the extremely useful 'Australian Jobs' guide, defence & police careers, gap yea information, and more.

    3. Tertiary Education Institute Guides (Under 'Post School Options'): Every digital guide from TAFEs & universities that we can find - many are on here faster than they are available in hard copy!

    4. Required Documents (Under 'Workplace Learning'): The 2 documents that will help with any potential Work Experience placement. The first document shows the whole procedure for securing a placement; the second document is the one you need to print off, fill in & return to any of the Career Development Department staff to 'get the ball rolling' for a placement.

    5. 'Senior School' heading - specifically the VTAC options: Information for Year 10-12 on subjects selections, prerequisites and more, all from the group who creates the ATAR, and offers you a place at TAFE or university.

    6. Student Secure Area (the yellow tab on the right of each page): Everyone from Yr8 up has a default account of / password1234 (which you can change once logged in); Yr7s and new students, you can create an account for access. Soooooooo many resources & tools in here you can use, read & download.

  2. Yrs 11&12 - Monash University Journalism Workshop: What is journalism and why does it matter? What is news? How do we research news? Year 11 and 12 students are invited to come along and experience the multi-million dollar Monash Media Lab first-hand on Tuesday July 3. You'll have the opportunity to see what it’s like to work in a professional media environment by experimenting with different kinds of technology, including a TV studio and radio broadcast facilities. This workshop is for senior secondary school students interested in journalism, media or communications. There are only 24 spots, so YOU NEED TO BE QUICK TO REGISTER. There is no cost; you just need to bring their lunch, snacks and ear buds. To register for this fantastic opportunity (DO NOT HESITATE), click here

  3. Yr12 - Richmond AFL Club Instutute of Sport Leadership (in conjunction with Swinburne University): Richmond Institute was developed by the Richmond Football Club, with Swinburne University of Technology. The course combines a Diploma of Sport Development and a Diploma of Leadership and Management (so there's no ATAR needed) to provide students with a platform to grow academically and athletically. The course guides students on a pathway for future education and real employment opportunities. Students successfully completing the program can progress to a Swinburne university degree, in a range of undergraduate courses in Business, Management, Exercise Science and Education. Up to one year’s credit into these degrees will also be provided. Positions can be offered now, so you have the security of knowing you have something lined up for 2019 already. For more information on this option, click here - note that the institute will be in attendance at our Career Development Expo in Term 3 as well.

  4. No experience needed - Pass this test and runway success could be yours: Ever wondered what a day in the life of an Air Traffic Controller was like? Well, The Age newspaper produced an article today on this very topic, focusing on one of the most stressful jobs out there - stressful in the sense of working fast to make critical decisions in landing & talking off hundreds of tons of planes. To learn more, and to see if it's something you'd be interested in, click here.

  5. 'Careers with Economics' Guide: A brand new 'Careers with' guide has been produced, called Careers with Economics. Economics careers are on the up, and can take you to diverse fields. Economics is about understanding how different choices affect people’s quality of life, what business decisions mean for the environment, why countries trade with each other, how government policies address poverty, and even what drives trends in the prices of housing or milk! Whether you want to fight crime, influence policy or work overseas, Economics can take you there, and therefore you don’t want to miss this guide to help expand your thinking. The guide is available alongside all the other 'Careers with' guides, from the 'Extra Career Development Resources' page inside your Student Secure Area of

Wednesday 23/5: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 23/05/2018)

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  1. Welcome to new subscribers: We've had nearly 100 new subscribers join in the past few weeks, including close to 40 from KBC today - welcome aboard! Please makre sure that if you've recently joined, you have a look at News Feed posts from the past few weeks that are listed on the News Feed page on, so you don't miss opportunities that have recently been sent out.

  2. Weekly Career Dev. Newsletter: Week 6's Career Development Newsletter is now available from the Newsletters page on Features this week include:

    1. Focus on Sport Careers

    2. Focus on Global Courses

    3. Focus on teaching maths at high school

    4. Law Admission Test - UNSW

    5. Robertson Scholars Leadership Program

    6. An experts guide to making it in the music industry

    7. Passionate about maths and would like a career in the Defence Force?

    8. 'Explore Careers’ podcasts 

    9. Global Career Hotel Experience Day

    10. Billy Blue College of Design - Information Evening

    11. The Hotel School Melbourne - Information Evening

    12. Deakin University Experience Day

    13. Upcoming Career Events

  3. Uni of Melb - Human vs Computer: Becoming More Employable Than an Algorithm: There is global unease that technology could leave many of us redundant, as jobs are taken over by computers. But it could, in fact, free us up to use our very human skills of creating new knowledge, problem solving and working collaboratively - the Foundation for Young Australians have demonstrated this in their Job Clusters research (click here to see this research, and click here to understand what each cluster means) To read this final article from the Uni of Melb about the changing world of work, click here.

  4. 15yr olds & up - Work Experience reminder: Remember, WE DO SUPPORT Work Experience! Many students are asking if we do offer it, and we do! Use it to 'road test' an option for your future! Go to the Required Documents page on to have a look at the 2 documents there that will help you - 1 shows you all the steps in the process, and the other is the form you need to fill in & return to any member of the Career Development Department. Any applications for term 2 holidays placements (ideally June 25-29) MUST BE SUBMITTED BY NO LATER THAN JUNE 8.

Tuesday 22/5: Career Development Daily News Fix (Posted: 22/05/2018)

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  1. Yrs 10-12 - ACU University Experience Day: Registrations are now open for ACU University Experience. If you're in Year 10, 11 or 12 and considering uni for when you finish school, then this free event is perfect to explore your study options - including nursing, paramedicine, social work, education, exercise science, and lots more! On the day, you'll get to participate in two hands-on workshops to sample degrees of your choice, meet ACU staff and current students, get a feel for your local campus, learn about industries and careers, hear helpful tips on preparing for university &enjoy the entertainment and fun campus atmosphere. These events are on Tuesday July 3 (Melbourne campus) & Thursday July 5 (Ballarat campus); more details & registration can be found on the Calendar of Events on

  2. AIT Open Day: The Academy of Information Technology's (AIT) Open Day on Saturday July 28 is perfect for students wanting to explore the endless opportunities available in the growing Digital Media, Design and IT industry. The day will include opportunities for students to meet AIT's teachers, participate in demos and presentations across the different areas of study and check out the campus! More details & registration can be found on the Calendar of Events on

  3. Uni of Melb - Thriving amid the rise of the machines: Since the end of World War 2, futurists have warned about the impact automation could have on the human workforce, and now those changes are becoming a reality. Does it mean a re-think about what jobs humans can do better than machines? Click here to read more from the University of Melbourne's preeminent thinkers in this space - automation is one of the 3 main forces for change, and so it's a wise idea to arm yourself with knowledge about what's coming.

  4. 'The Good Careers Guide' now available: The 2018 edition of 'The Good Careers Guide' is now available for you to read. This is an EXCELLENT resource you should 'do yourself a favour' in perusing. With information on staring a your career journey, exploring your training pathways, paying for your studies, working while you study, entering the workforce, information on the moder-day workforce, and descriptions of over 400 different career opportunities, this is a resources that can really help to support your thinking, no matter where you are at with your decision making. There current is a copy at both EMC & MFC, there'll be a copy tomorrow at KBC, and there'll be one at IDC in the next few days, but you don't need to wait to read it, as there is also an online version (which requires a free subscription signup). To access it, scroll to the bottom of the 'Extra Career Development Resources' page in your Student Secure Area on - there's soooooo many other related resources there for you to peruse as well!